Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Website News!

Well I got my last big supplies order today. Lots of lovely spotty buttons and ribbon for me. Really don't want to sell them if I'm quite honest because they're so pretty, but one must to make back one's investment, yes? I still have one more order to come, but that one is not really serious. That's just a side line that I thought would be fun (a little kawaii) so I can add that at a later date.

I've been working pretty much for the last 6-ish hours getting the website all ready, photos uploaded, shopping carts sorted, etc etc and I think it's finally ready for the world. SO! Check back tomorrow for the big reveal!

I'm really excited about this new venture for Titchables. I'm nervous too, but I really hope that it does well. I've been thinking and working on getting to this point for quite a few months now (even before I started selling on etsy, lol).

I'll also be uploading a few supplies to the Titchables etsy shop as well just so the exposure is there too.

Hope you can come join me tomorrow! :D

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