Friday, 12 February 2010

Shop Update!

Made some lovely flower bobby pins the other day. I wasn't sure about them at first but after taking their photos and checking out what they look like on the laptop, I really quite like them. There's 4 sets in total (3 sets of 3 and 1 set of 5), the last set will be up at the Titchables shop in the next hour or so.

I had a mad wave of inspiration about an hour ago and manically drew a bunch of new brooch/magnet/keychain designs which I'm gonna work on this weekend.

I'm shifting my attention away from jewellery, it was a fun experiment but I won't be adding any new rings or necklaces to the shop from now on. I will probably have a little sale or special offer on them soon. I have no shame in admitting when something doesn't work - I think it's always best to cut your loses before you end up losing out more, right? Either way, that isn't to take away from what is in the shop now, just that it isn't really for me, y'know?

Finally, my secret plans I've been (probably annoyingly) mentioning lately took a very good turn this week. I've been waiting on some funding, ideas to form and planning A LOT behind the scenes and it's all coming together rather nicely. I'll hopefully have an announcement sometime late next week!

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Almay Alday said...

Super cute bobby pins!