Wednesday, 10 February 2010

New Products!

These have been in the planning stages for absolutely ages. I wanted to do notebooks ever since the 09 diary covers I made were so successful and I finally got around to sewing these up last night. I'll be adding these to the Titchables shop over the coming days, the orange one is available now!

Another crytic message, but! Things are moving forward with the future I want to take with Titchables. I'm still hesitant to reveal exactly what it is just in case something gets delayed and/or goes wrong, but it's looking as though the next few months and going to be very busy and exciting for me! I still have a huge amount of planning to do, but I'm really excited about what's going on behind the scenes. :)

Also, I recently won a Twitter competition to get my banner displayed on a UK craft site!! I won the top banner and you can check it out here at Handmade Crafts UK. Hopefully this will give my shop some extra exposure over the coming month while it's on display!

Finally, I recently joined a site where you can ask me a question. Can be anything you like and I'll do my best to answer them regularly. Check it out here!

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