Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Secret Plan Revealed! (sort of)

So you've heard me yakking on about this "secret plan" for a while. It's finally all coming together so I thought I would announce what it actually is. For a while I've been trawling through the internets trying to find wholesalers so that I can venture into the world of e-commerce in a bigger way! I've really been loving building Titchables up, and I'm so excited about what the next few months bring.

I'm currently working on a website and the etsy shop will be becoming a lot more full over the coming weeks with... FELT! And BUTTONS! RIBBONS! And lots of other lovely fun supplies! I'm SO excited about this, you have no idea!

My big felt delivery should be arriving tomorrow with lots of other goodies. I'll be stocking 50 different colours of wool mix felt in 9"x9" squares - the very same felt I use for my Titchables products!

I'm hoping to launch everything hopefully by next week. I just need to sort out the headaches I'm getting from this whole website business.

I'll also be launching some new designs hopefully at the same time.

Just so this post isn't ALL words, here's some eyecandy of my mail yesterday:

Yes, those are pink mailing bags. Awesome, yes/yes? And my new moo cards! I decided to go a bit simple with the design this time. I'll show you what I'm using them for tomorrow. :)

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