Monday, 22 February 2010

Jar o' Buttons!

Every now and then I like to have a wander about the local charity shops, because you never know what you might find. In the very last shop, and at the very last minute I found this glorious giant jar of buttons!

I've often read online of people finding such things and I was practically bouncing in the shop when I found it. Naturally I had to buy it! It was only £3.50, so a definite bargain I think!

I had to give them all a nice long soak in a basin and the muck that came off them was truly disgusting. *shudders*

However, they're now drying off on a towel looking shiny and lovely. I'm going to have a proper rummage through them later, there's some really lovely vintage buttons in all that lot. So exciting!

So my question is, what do you like looking for in charity/thrift stores? And have you ever found something you've really, really wanted?

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