Saturday, 26 February 2011

Felt Shade Cards

After selling a few of these recently I thought I better make some more. These are a great way of seeing all the colours of felt I stock in person, and a great reference guide if, like me, you craft with felt and need to see what a colour looks like exactly before purchasing! You can purchase these shade cards at for the very excellent price of £1!

I did these while I had a quiet moment at work, which happens a lot when you work in a little shop which is tucked away. Speaking of work, this week I recently took on a more permanent role as someone else left so it does mean that my time is slightly more restricted. Luckily working where I do, it allows a lot of freedom for me to sew and other such business stuff (as long as it doesn't require the internet!) so I'm still being really productive - probably more so without the distractions of the web!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Custom Owl!

I recently got this custom request which I finished up and sent out yesterday. I really love the colours they chose and I hope they really enjoy their unique owl!

I'm hoping to do lots of sewing over the coming weeks. It's time I replenished my back stock of plush and I have a few new designs I want to work on too!

Monday, 21 February 2011

USA Order Delays

This appears to be a growing concern for myself and other shops sending orders into the USA. I've currently got at least 5 orders "MIA" since the beginning of this year, which isn't a lot compared to what some shop owners are dealing with, however for me that is still quite substantial.

In case you don't know, US customs have changed how they handle international mail since November and this is causing rather a lot of delays in getting orders to customers there. I just wanted to point out the current information concerning this problem direct from the Royal Mail website:

Update Feb 15 2011
The United States Department of Homeland Security is continuing to require increased security measures for items carried on passenger airlines. As a result, some mail entering the US from around the world, and including the UK, that would normally be sent via passenger aircraft must now travel by other means, including ships and cargo planes.
Most items, including personal letters and cards, magazines, CDs, DVDs and lightweight packets, will be delivered in the US within a few days of posting. However, there are delays of about two weeks for some heavier packets. These delays are currently affecting stamped items, franked items, and items posted under contract, with the exception of Destination Sort and/or M-Bag items.

Royal Mail is very sorry for these unavoidable delays. We have implemented a number of contingency plans to ensure as much of our customers’ mail reaches the US as quickly as possible and are continuing to work to minimise disruption to our customers, whilst ensuring we comply fully with the US directives and regulations.

So while I'm sending out orders ASAP, after they have left me it is out of my hands on how long they take to arrive. I have placed a message on the etsy shop to let customers know about the delays.

It's hugely frustrating to me, because I get a lot of custom from the US so I hope this doesn't frighten people off. I'm hoping that a better outcome will be reached soon!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Ten Pin Sunday

I recently joined the site pinterest which is a fantastic way of seeing lots of different images - you basically "pin" anything that you like to your own virtual pinboard. I've decided to start a new feature where I will share my favourite ten pins each week. I hope you enjoy!

1. source 2. source 3. source 4. source 5. source 6. source 7. source 8. source 9. source 10. source

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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Chocolate and Vanilla Cake

 I decided to have a bit of a baking session today. I really love adapting recipes I find in my cake books and this is one of them!

I used the Vanilla cupcake recipe from the Hummingbirds cookery book (which you really should pick up! Or visit one of their bakeries in London!!) but I decided to make it into a two layered layer cake.

 I cheated (as I sometimes do!) and used a can of Chocolate Fudge frosting for the outside and in between the layers and gosh, it came out very, very yummy!

Anyone for cake? :D

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Felt Balls back in stock!

Well they arrived, about an hour before I was leaving for the airport! Typical! Anyway, I have added all the new stock to the etsy shop and!!

Also, all outstanding orders have been dispatched today so they should be with you soon!

I had an awesome time in Copenhagen, it's really beautiful there! Will post some pictures shortly. :)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Holiday Time

Just a quick note to let you know that I will be away from Thursday 10th February until Tuesday 15th February. I am off to Copenhagen for a few days to see friends and I'm very excited!

So just to let you know, no orders will be dispatched during this time! I am also not sure what internet access I will have so I may not be able to answer any queries either.

Any orders placed during the time I am away will be dispatched either on the Tuesday (if I get home when I'm supposed to!) or Wednesday at the very latest.

Thank you for your patience!! I'll be sure to tell you all about my trip when I get back!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Spotty Buttons Clearance

I've just added a new clearance item over at the etsy shop which I didn't want you guys to miss because I know you like your spotty buttons!

Mixed bags of all the leftover polka dot buttons in the bigger sizes to what I currently stock, plus some over stock of heart one's too. They come in bags of 50 but if you want more, feel free to send me a message on etsy.

I only have a limited amount of these so get in quick because they're on sale for the great price of $6.50 a bag!  Clearance Spotty Buttons at etsy!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Felt Re-Stocked!

All the felt has been re-stocked over at! I don't think I've seen my shelf so full of felt before, it's quite exciting - I could barely fit it in!

I am off to London tomorrow for a birthday weekend with friends - I'm sure lots of cake will be consumed! I'll be sure to share some pics when I get back. :)

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Felt Balls

I keep getting a lot of messages asking about when certain colours will be back in stock - just a quick message to let you all know that I have put in another order and should be with me by mid-Feb at the latest. I'm really pleased with how well they've done, they seem popular with a lot of you!

All felt squares should be back tomorrow as well (or Monday!).

Sorry for the lack of blog posts. I haven't been feeling 100% this week, time of year I think. Will try and get more on top of things soon. :)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

You scream for ice cream!

I've had doodles of ice cream in my sketch pad for quite some time, since at least the end of last summer. As it was a bit late in the season to make any, I put them on hold. Granted, it still isn't quite the season for ice cream goodness but I was desperate to make something cute and fun and these fit the bill!

Chocolate, Strawberry and Mint ice cream brooches. Aren't they cute?? I'm so glad to have found another project to use my teeny tiny pom poms on!

All available at the etsy shop now!