Monday, 1 February 2010

Inspiration Monday - Fawns!

1. Handmade Brooch Bambi fawn deer red white flower blue, 2. Sweet pink fawn necklace, 3. needle felted fawn, 4. My Fawn Plushies, 5. new designs preview! 2, 6. Cute Vintage Bambi / Deery Lou Collage Poster Print with mushrooms and flowers, 7. Vintage Deer , 8. Final result of my fawn, 9. Faux Bois Vintage Deer Yarn Wreath, 10. Come closer, deery, 11. pinkfawncloseup, 12. Embroidered soft sculptures, 13. Fawn Pincushion, 14. Turquoise Fawn Silhouette Wallet, 15. Chocolate Fawn Ring, 16. Red Velvet Cake Deer

Slightly bigger Inspiration Monday today. Too many cute fawn related products! As you can probably tell by doing a quick search of my shop, I do have a serious love of anything deer-y.

I keep sketching some ideas to make my very own fawn plush, but have yet to draw something that I think looks good enough. I'm sure I'll get there in the end with enough patience!

I started a collection last year of porcelain vintage fawns which I hope to make bigger when this seasons sales kick off.

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