Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Some Fun Purchases!

Yesterday I had a little fun shopping with my mama. We had to go into the city for a hospital visit and then we had a nice bonding session in the shops. In the post before we left I got a package from the US containing some new metal button blanks. I was running seriously low after last week's unexpected sales spree!

While in my favourite craft store, I thought I'd see if they had any mini pom poms in stock (they had been out of stock since late November last year!) and finally to my utter delight they had 5 bags on display. I promptly grabbed all of them and headed to the till. Lucky for me the till lady only counted 4 so I got one free (and yes, I did keep very quiet about it!). If you remember, my pom tree xmas decorations really took off last year and I was a bit overwhelmed so my intention this year is to start stocking up on these early. I just hope they are as popular this xmas too. You can never plan too early!

Later on, I wanted to go and check out some dresses for my dad's upcoming wedding just to get an idea of what I wanted to wear and look what I found! It is the cutest t-shit I have EVER SEEN. After much gushing and bouncing by yours truly my mama offered to buy it for me (love you mum!). Nerdy owl, what's not to love?

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