Monday, 15 February 2010

Inspiration Monday!

Today's theme is Pink!

1. Handmade Luxury Valentines Pink 'Bunny Love' Rabbit Mohair Mittens Gloves, 2. Pink Cat in Pink, 3. Pink Lady, 4. Garland of Pink Happy Houses, 5. Blue and Pink Glitter Cottage, 6. ▪ ▪ ▪ coptic binding ] pink & green ▪, 7. Pink tree, 8. pink glitter house, 9. Pink Candy Canes!


yarnikins said...

Is it too dumb for me to ask how you make these collages? I've seen people do it on here and on flickr and I can't figure it out :(

Sarah said...

Not dumb at all! Just go to and click on the mosaic maker. There you can define how many squares you want. You just paste in the links to pictures from flickr (or you can upload your own). It will generate the picture and the code for you. Hope that helps!