Saturday, 20 February 2010

Moo Cards & Big Delivery!

So here you can see what I did with my Moo cards! I had seen this idea a few times around the net and on etsy product images and thought it was a great idea! Previously I was using clear cellophane bags with a card topper (which I will still use for the buttons), but I think this looks much better.

Close up of the new packaging. :)

And lookie what I got yesterday by the nice courier man!! My big delivery of supplies!!!

I had been waiting ALL DAY for it to turn up and finally at about 3pm the door bell rang! It was so much fun pulling everything out.

All my pretty felt! I'll be selling 50 colours of 9"x9" squares. I spent the better part of yesterday evening sitting on the floor cutting ribbons to length, counting buttons into bags, makingup 9" square bundles, making shade cards and cutting up some 4 1/2" squares bundles too. It all made me realise I am getting too old to be sitting on the floor for long periods of time, OW!

This afternoon, as the sun was out, I took a lot of product shots so tomorrow I'm gonna work on my website some more and get all the photos and product descriptions sorted out.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


Angela said...

Great idea, hadn't seen this before. The cards look great, as do your Titchables!

Almay Alday said...

Your new cards add a special touch! Love them!