Tuesday, 29 March 2011

DIY: Memo Board Tutorial

A new tutorial! Well actually it's more of a little DIY walk through but I'm hoping you'll be able to be inspired by it at least. I recently found an awesome memo board in a thrift store which was just dying for a little make over.

As you can tell, it looked a bit, well... boring. It is amazing what a bit of paint can do, so let me show you!

All you need is: Acrylic Paint, Paint Brushes, Fabric, Deco Tape, fun shaped Buttons and some flat drawing pins.

First of all you want to paint all of the wood. This took about 4-5 coats using white. I wasn't too worried about going on to the cork part as that would be covered later, but I tried my best to keep the paint off the white board area.

Next, I cut a piece of fabric I liked to size so that it would fit in the corkboard area. I then generously painted the cork with PVA glue and glued the fabric in place.

You want to get your fabric as tight as possible and don't want to leave any bumps where you might have excess glue. To combat this, get a piece of card and holding down on one end of the fabric (you will get a bit sticky!) just slide the piece of card across. Any excess glue will come out and you can just wipe that away.

This will take a little while to dry so make sure to leave it for a while (I did it so it dried overnight).

The next thing I did was choose some pretty deco tape and stuck it on (rocket science, I know!). Deco tape is surprisingly sticky and it stays on really well on wood. Washi/masking tape would also work well here.

I added some more deco tape and voila! I now have a very pretty memo board/stationary holder!

I hope this has inspired! More tutorials will be coming your way soon!

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home made gorgeous said...

This has definitely inspired me, thank you! I have been looking for a cork board and all the ones in the normal shops are just, well.. boring. Will have to think a bit more creatively! I love the colours and patterns you have chosen and all the various compartments... Sarah x