Sunday, 21 March 2010

RIP Pretty Fabric

It should come as no surprise to you that I love supplies. Love buying them, love hoarding them. Do NOT like using them.

Now that I'm full steam ahead with my business, things need to be used. I need to stop buying things for the sake of having them. I need to fight the giant urge of "WANTSIES" and really consider if it is something that is usable in a new product.

My fabric buying of late has definitely reflected this. As I make lots of fabric buttons, the designs need to be very specific to my needs. I need to make sure that it will fit the size of button I use, how many sets I can make from one fat quarter/half yard, how close together are the little designs (so I don't have to cut into too many that I need), etc etc. I occasionally slip up and buy the wrong kind of fabric - but I'm learning to develop ways of incorporating them somehow into my projects.

Anyway, I posted the picture above as a little encouragement. It really is okay to cut your fabric up people! You never know what lovelies you will end up making with it!

Naturally part 2 of this post shall be coming soon wherein I show you what I'm making (shhhh.... brooches!).

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