Thursday, 4 March 2010

I love post!!

Look at the loveliness that arrived today in the mail! Lately the only supplies I've been receiving have been to sell on to my super customers, but this one is all mine mine mine!

Some are destined to be new button sets, and the rest I haven't quite decided yet. Don't you just love that apple print? The blue that you can see is glitter! And the mouse print is just adorable! Frogs! Dinos!! Hee! I highly recommend the lovely seller's etsy shop: bytinster so do go and check it out!

I also had a delivery of more buttons so I'll be adding those later tonight to the Titchables shop and possibly at the etsy shop too.

Speaking of which, I've added some custom listings where you can now pick your own felt colours as I've been receiving quite a few convos for this option. You can choose from packs of 10 or packs of 20. Alternatively, you can just send me a convo with what colours you want, and I'll set up a custom listing. Though to avoid all that fuss, you are more than welcome to pick your own felt at my own dedicated Titchables shop!

Next week, I'll be launching a few new things for the blog. More on that later though. :) Oh! And I will soon be doing a new giveaway. I'm nearing 100 sales on my etsy shop so I thought a little freebie was in order. Only 7 sales to go!! (Sale #100 will also be getting a little extra something!).

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craftyjemima said...

I love the apples and the dinosaurs. So sweet. Had a stash delivered the other day and waiting on another soon. Can't wait!

Nerys x