Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Christmas is here!

I have been busy the last few weeks getting lots of Christmas sewing done. I wanted to be able to get a good range of back stock ready because I know how overwhelmed I felt last year sewing all those pom trees at the last minute.

I'm thankful because working where I do, I get the opportunity to spend a lot of it sewing. And with the tourist season winding down, it means the shop is even quieter, a little boring for me, but at least it gives me the chance to do a lot of Titchables work.

Anyway, this post is a bit of a show and tell on what I am offering this Christmas!

Christmas Mini Yarn Wreath - Soft Green - Available at etsy

Christmas Mini Yarn Wreath - Soft Red - Available at etsy 

Felt Feathered Bird Ornaments - Available at etsy and Titchables.co.uk

Felt Spotty Button Stockings - Available at Titchables.co.uk

Rudolf the Reindeer Ornament - Available at Titchables.co.uk

Christmas Pudding Ornament - Available at Titchables.co.uk and etsy

Pom Tree Ornaments - Available in Pretty Pinks, Traditional Greens or Cool Blues, or as a full set of nine. All available at Titchables.co.uk and etsy
Eventually, everything will be available at both shops, as well as a few select items at Folksy. If you are interested in bulk ordering I encourage you to contact me ASAP, same goes with any shop owners interested in wholesale for this Christmas season. :)

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