Saturday, 11 September 2010

New Camera!

Before I went into hospital I thought I would treat myself to a brand new camera. I've had a lower spec Lumix for quite a while and I do love it to bits, but I've been wanting one with a bigger zoom and other features for some time so I took the plunge and ordered the Lumix TZ8 above.

I am going to America in a few weeks (October 8th!) and I can't wait to use it there. I've had a little play with it but so far I haven't had too much opportunity between naps and coming out of a drugs haze.

I received a big order yesterday of felt. I've been waiting for ages for it so I'm glad it's finally arrived. I managed to plonk myself on the floor to sort it all out too which definitely indicates I'm on the mend! I naturally forgot to order a couple of colours, but they should arrive next week (doh!).

Yesterday I started sewing on lots of poms for my Christmas tree hangings. It's quite relaxing sitting doing that while people bring me cups of tea!

Hope you're all well and I want to thank you all once again for your sweet words and get well's. I'm getting there and I really do appreciate the kindness. :)

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