Saturday, 2 October 2010


So this past week I took a trip to London for a couple of days with my parents. No reason in particular, just nice to get away and do something different! I like visiting London, but I'm not a big city girl so the crowds do get to me after a few days - but it was great re-visiting some places, hopping on and off the underground and being a tourist!

When we got there we headed for our hotel, then set off in search of Fortnum and Mason - which if you're not familiar is a fancy shop. It was okay, but perhaps a little too pricey for me. Then we headed to Harrods, which again is on the expensive side but I do like walking around there, especially the sweets/cake area. I ended up buying cupcakes for everyone. I had Red Velvet (I wish the rest of the country would catch up with this flavour of cake!!), Mum had Carrot and my Step dad had double chocolate. :)

Later on that day, we headed for Westminster and went on the London Eye. I'm scared of heights so it was an interesting experience but I focused on taking lots of pictures which kept my mind off how high we were!

And then the next day we got on the train and headed to Hampton Court. We went to the Tower of London last year which was great (and I would love to go around that again!) and as me and my mum both love the Henry VIII era this was a really great day. It rained, but other than that we had a great time wandering around the palace and gardens.

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Heidi Jane Blankets said...

oh so jealous, especially about that cupcake :)