Friday, 29 October 2010

Thrift Finds!

There is a really awesome charity shop right by my house and I love walking past it because there's always lots of lovely new things in the window display. Quite a few months ago, a GORGEOUS owl tapastry appeared and I had a major case of "wantsies" then I saw the price and got a bit put off, not that it wasn't worth the money because it was beautiful and had been framed properly.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was in there for a browse and the owl was still there, and I just had no choice but to claim it as my own. I LOVE IT. I finally got around to putting it on the wall in my living room and it's such an amazing piece of work.

Also, while at the last car boot sale of the summer, I stumbled across another beautiful long stitch piece of Mount Figi in Japan. As you know, I love anything Japanese so I quickly forked over the £2 and brought it home. Again, I've just gotten around to putting it on the wall. Aren't the colours gorgeous??

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