Monday, 18 October 2010


You see, the problem with going away is that you have to eventually come back. And coming back means that you have to get back into the swing of normal life things, which at the moment, I am finding hard to do. *sigh*

I had an amazing time in Georgia and once I can piece together some words and my pictures I will show you all from my trip. I will reveal that I saw a panda for the first time ever, and I am in love! But more on that later in the week.

This is a quick post to just let you know that any outstanding orders were dispatched today. It was quite exciting going to the post office with a big bag of orders to send! Also, another fyi - if you order felt this week there may be a very short delay in dispatch (1-2 days at the very most) due to me being out of stock of a few colours. The order is on the way though! Hopefully it'll come tomorrow!

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