Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Mr Santa Panda

This little lovely has been sat in my to-do pile for about 3 weeks now so last night before going to bed I decided it was his turn to get the titchables treatment while unfinished pom trees looked on...

It ended up taking me 2 hours to stitch because I couldn't figure out the best way to sew his Christmas hat, but I'm glad I took the time because I think he came out great. He's now available to purchase at the shop.

Speaking of pom trees, at the moment I am catching up on orders but I hope to have another batch online by the end of the week. This will be the last lot I'm going to do so if you really do want a set, keep a close eye on my shop or better yet, following me on twitter @titchables as I will update as and when they available. I'm really overwhelmed by how well these little trees have done! Thank you to everyone who bought a set. I hope they're a lovely addition to your holiday tree this year!

If you did buy a set, I would love to see some pictures of them in your home! Either comment or you can send me an email at: titchables@gmail.com :)


BiEha Besh said...

wat a cute panda~nice work dear~ weldone

Sarah said...

Thank you!