Monday, 30 November 2009

New Flower

I've added a brand new crochet flower to the shop. This one is a lovely sparkly red/black. It came out a lot different than I expected it to, but that's the risk you take with multicoloured yarn, lol.

I have some bows to add in the next couple of days too using this sparkly yarn. They came out really cute. :)

I also thought I would show you what my parcels look like before they go in their little mailing bags:

I think it's really important to make a good impression the moment you open the parcel, and I hope wrapping my goodies like this fits the bill! I've had a lot of nice comments so far.

I had a record breaking 6 sales yesterday which was very exciting!! I'm hoping this continues after Christmas, I'm so happy that people seem to be liking my products.

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