Sunday, 13 December 2009

Button Eye Candy

Hello! Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I had a lovely day yesterday wandering about the shops and the local market. Ended up buying more Christmas parents (even though I declared myself done earlier last week!). But still, I get a great buzz out of giving gifts, rather than receiving. I hope everyone else is getting prepared for the festivities?

I am making progress on my new doll, but I'll show you pix of her tomorrow. It was a bit scary the last few days as there's been bits of her all over the place! I'm having fun doing her up though.

Last week I came across a fabulous tutorial on making crochet snowflakes. I plan on making more to make myself a long garland, but I thought I'd show you the one I've made so far. It was really simple to stitch up. You can grab the pattern over at Lucy's wonderful blog Attic 24.

You should know that I am a big lover of BUTTONS. I have a HUGE unorganised jar of the little things for my crafting projects. I prefer it this way because whenever I need one I get the chance to tip them all on the floor and have a good rummage. Yesterday I thought I'd take some photos for you so you can see how very lovely they all are!

And then Ashlee decided to jump in and make button angels. Or something. ;)

Finally, if you head on over to the Christmas section over at my shop you'll find that as well as free worldwide shipping, all Christmas products have now been reduced!! Go and grab yourself a bargain! (Mr Santa Panda is now only $6!).

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