Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Xmas Sneak Peak!

For the last couple of evenings I've been manically cutting up felt and fabric to get ready for my Xmas products. I'm so excited about these! I can't wait to see them all sewn up and ready for sale in my shop!

How cute are those tiny pom pom's? I'm hoping to have everything ready by November 1st, though I won't be adding everything at once.

Anybody else getting ready for Xmas?


Louisiana Momma said...

your work is lovely.. ran across you on flickr (thru a felt group).. do you free hand cut your stuff or use a pattern? I really love working with felt.. I need to get started on making some decorations myself.

Sarah said...

Hi, thanks so much! I draw out a pattern on card and then cut around it with the felt. :)