Sunday, 25 October 2009

Shop Update

How is everyone today? Good I hope. I am currently starting on my Xmas products! I'm very excited about them and I can't wait to start updating my shop. I'm aiming for a November 1st start with getting Xmas items up and ready.

Anywhoo, the other day I picked up some lovely cotton mix yarn and I decided to crochet some yummy wash/dish cloths.

They are 8" square and have a hook so you can hang them up. They are SO soft. This set is now available at my Etsy shop!

I also did some more packaging for some of the newer items the other day. I'm trying to use as much as I can that I already have, opposed to going out and buying more to make the packaging so I used up some of the scrapbooking products that I have. I don't scrapbook anymore (far too expensive a hobby!) but I still have a lot of products left over. Great way to use them up!

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