Thursday, 29 October 2009


I went to a craft fair yesterday (not to sell unfortunately, didn't realise there was one until last week!) and to my utter delight there was someone there selling Japanese deco tape! I nearly screamed in excitement, lol. I bought 14 rolls, but if I'm honest, had I the money I probably would have bought the lot, haha!

I also picked up the two gorgeous greeting card prints by a local artist by the name of James Buttifont. I decided to the put the moonlight one in a frame and the xmas one is going to my parents this year. Love penguins!

Also, rather exciting but I gave the organiser my details so hopefully I will be able to have a stall at the next fair which is very exciting!

I have been sewing for a large part of today and have finished stitching up 27 xmas tree decorations so far. I have to admit that last 6 were a chore and I'm glad they're done. I'm on to candy canes and gingerbread men next, lol.

Also, having thought about it, I now have my very own Titchables twitter! I have protected my entries (mostly to stop the spam accounts following me) so if you would like updates in real time check out Titchables @ Twitter!

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Lizzi B. said...

Love those deco rolls! How cute!