Monday, 3 May 2010


Yesterday I spent a good few hours sorting through what fabric I have for my button sets. It's something I liked to do every now and then because I usually get asked for a certain amount of one design for customers sometimes and I like to know what I have. It's really fun seeing the little piles of round fabric pile up!

I know a lot of sets have been out of stock on for a while so I'm hoping to re-add some sets this week. And I've also found some fabric to re-introduce a few old sets too.

I also have some new fabric on the way from Japan for some new sets which I'm excited about! It's always nerve wracking buying fabric for buttons online because you're never really sure if the designs you want are gonna fit okay on the size button you have. I will hope for the best though!

Come back tomorrow for a tutorial on making these and a button giveaway!!

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