Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Wholesale Order Done!

Look at all those pretties!! This is my giant wholesale order that I got last week - in total, 58 items! I was really amazed and a little frightened when I got the order but by doing a bit each day I've managed to get it done quite quickly. In fact, I am a whole 9 days ahead of schedule!

I sewed up 20 bow brooches. 7 mushroom magnet sets. 2 heart magnet sets. 8 mushroom plush. 9 fabric brooches and made 12 sets of buttons!

There are a few things in missing in my shop due to fulfilling this order but I'll hopefully get fully stocked again by the weekend.

I'm actually excited because I have a lot of inspiration for new items and I have a few sketches of some new plush I want to make and lots of other bits and pieces.

I'll give you the details on the shop stocking my lovelies soon! Just want to wait to make sure everything is a-okay with this order first. :)

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