Friday, 22 January 2010

Busy busy!

Well hello! I'm in full production mode at the moment because I've just received my very first wholesale order! I'm really excited about getting Titchables into a real shop. The owner order 58 items in total and I have a lot to get on with. The picture shows some of the already-cut-out bits of felty goodness ready to be made into mushroom plush and magnets. I've also been making brooches, heart magnets, buttons and I have lots of mini bow brooches to do. I've got a deadline for 2 weeks time so wish me luck!

I've just about got my new shelves in order, though the light has been very rubbish the past few days in order for me to take a picture which is a pain! I'll try again tomorrow!

I have so many ideas floating around at the moment and barely any time to get a move on with them! I'm also studying part time and looking for a full time job - it's all a bit stressful in Titchables Towers at the mo! Hopefully when I've got this HUGE order out of the way I will be able to breathe a bit.

Also, don't forget that the 3 for 2 offer in my shop is still running! It will end on January 31st so make sure to get your orders in to make a great saving! The cheapest item is free and I will refund via paypal asap!

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