Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Hearts for Haiti

A few very kind and generous etsians have set up a shop where other fabulous crafters have donated some of their goods to raise money for Doctors Without Borders who are currently helping in the relief of the Earthquake in Haiti.

I have donated 2 sets of my Heart Puff magnets to the shop and I would love it if you went along and made a purchase (even if it's not my items!). All money made from the items in the shop will go straight to DWB, and all sellers are sending their items for free, worldwide (in most cases).

Shop: Hearts for Haiti
Heart Puff Magnets: Listing 1 / Listing 2 (Edit: Both now sold!!!)

Edit: Thank you to whoever bought the magnets. I myself just purchased a gorgeous necklace in the shop. This is a great way of donating and getting a little treasure to remind you of it. :D


VeganCraftastic said...

Hearts for Haiti is awesome, I bought some cool notecards and donated some Bunny Pins :)

Sarah said...

Isn't it? I bought myself a gorgeous necklace. :)