Thursday, 7 January 2010

New Products!

So if you keep up with me via twitter you may have already seen that I've been updating Titchables like a mad woman for the last few days. So I thought it was time that I introduced some of the new products to my blog readers as well.

I love these so much! I've been wanting to make cute rings for a while and I finally found some of these lovely Chrysanthemum cabochons. I seriously want to keep these all for myself, they look SO lovely together. $4 each. Not all colours are added to the site yet.

This is just one of the rings from the "cute/kawaii" range. I'm gonna have fawns, apples, candies, etcetc. Price varies between $3 and $4.50.

I've uploaded two of these so far. Hand sewn needle books for all your pins and needles. Originally I wanted to use my sewing machine for these, but I still can't get to grips with it so I decided to give it an extra boost of handmade. They turned out far better than I was anticipating. $7 each.

Small felt bow brooches. Really like this. They look really cute on your jackets, especially if you pair them up together with contrasting colours. Only $3 each.

Crochet Coffee Cozies. Having developed a love of gingerbread lattes over the holiday season (oh I will miss them!!) I wanted to make some cute cozies. There's a lilac one with a flower at the shop as well. I plan on making more of these.

Hope you like the new products! Still to come very soon; mushroom plushies, cute necklaces, more rings and lots of cute felt lovelies.

Please let me know what you think!

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