Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Last bundle of felt

I've put together the last I have of the felt, 66 squares in total. All for £36, but cheaper obviously if you use the 40% off code at checkout.

Get it while you can! Right here on etsy!

Just wanted to thank you all for the lovely message since I posted I would be closing. You've all been incredibly sweet and kind and it's been very much appreciated.

For the time being I am definitely taking a break, but I may come back with the handmade side of things later in the year once I've had a chance to re-charge my batteries. :D

I'll be putting together more great deals of different supplies soon. Don't forget, if you do buy anything to include "sale40" at etsy and just "sale" at titchables.co.uk :D

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Erika Price said...

So sorry you're closing Sarah, but good luck with everything :)
Erika x Erika Price Jewelry