Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy 2011!

I hope you've had some lovely New Year's celebrations. We never do much but we always go out to watch our local firework display at the end of the pier. The picture above is one I took - I'm clearly not very good at capturing large explosive pretties!

I've been thinking about some new year's resolutions and instead of just thinking about them this year, I've already taken steps to achieve them.

1. I want to lose weight. I'm not overweight, but I am getting to be quite the podge. Me and my mum have already made a date to go swimming next week and while we're there I'm going to check out the gym and any classes they might have that I could possibly join.

2. I want to take more pictures! I definitely lacked in 2010 so I really want to make up for it this year. I plan on taking 1 picture for each day. The picture above is from today and I really hope I stick to it, even if it's just various views of my garden!! I'm going to set up a folder on my flickr for these so you'll be able to see my progress.

3. I want to travel to new places! I already have a booked trip to Copenhagen for February to see friends, and 3 trips already planned for London for various adventures. Georgia and possibly Florida is also on the cards for later in the year!

I obviously have lots of different goals bubbling in my head for the business - things I want to achieve and introduce but for now I'm gonna keep them all a secret until I sort them all out and make an action plan.

Have you got any resolutions this year?

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home made gorgeous said...

Hi Sarah, I think the fireworks photo is good! Thanks for sharing the resolutions, I definitely share a few of these with you. Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Sarah x