Friday, 14 January 2011


I just discovered this a mere 30 minutes ago and I'm already up and running with all my favourite blogs. I've been using various different ways to keep up with my blog reading, but I've never had anything where it's all in the same place.

Bloglovin' works in a similar way as Google Reader but I'm already finding it much easier to get on with. The design is really simple as it gives you a main picture and a little intro to the post. When you click on the post link, it takes you directly to the blog (so that the owner gets those important hits and you can see their lovely blog design) and you can also mark posts as read AND favourite a post to come back to later.

Surprisingly, after that long winded praise you will be pleased to know that I was not coerced into saying any of that!

I've already added all of my favourites (and found a couple of new one's too!). It's very easy to sign up, so go check it out! If you want to add my blog to your reader list, just add the link - or you can click on the link on the left!

I should also mention that if you do have a blog, it let's you "claim" it as yours so you can see how many followers you have!

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PurpleFlowerDesignz said...

I took your advice and signed myself up! It's great to have somewhere to see all my crafty blogs in one place!! And of course. Your on my list of fav's!!