Thursday, 16 December 2010

Something accomplished

Sorry for the lack of recent blog posts. I've been under the weather, working or been preparing myself for a jolly Christmas so haven't had a lot of time for writing anything. I have some good news today though - I finished my tree skirt!

I really love how it turned out! I changed the colours from the one in Crochet Today and I also adjusted the length a little bit (which worked out well because it would have been too big otherwise!).

I don't very often complete crafty projects for myself on time so I'm really excited that I did it. I can't wait to bring this out every year!

I'm still hoping to finish my crochet gingerbread house. I have a bit left to do on it though so I need to get a crack on with it.

I hope you're all enjoying the run up to Christmas!


Dotty said...

The tree skirt is fabulous- a real accopmlpishment. It compliments you tree beautifully

Anonymous said...

such a cool idea!! I want to make one for next year (when we have a tree)... maybe pink, white, and turquoise xox leanna