Sunday, 19 December 2010

Posting Days

I thought I would give you guys a heads up on the days I am planning on doing post office runs over the Christmas and New Years Holidays.

You should already be aware that time has run out to get parcels in time for international customers - however, you are very much free to continue to order as they will be dispatched in the same time as before. They just won't arrive before Christmas.

The last posting date for the UK is the 22nd. However, due to the snow I am bumping that up to the 21st.

So here's the days I am willing to go to the post office (I'm sneaking a few days off here and there!):

Monday 21st
Tuesday 22nd
Thursday 23rd
Edited: I have decided to have a week off, sorry for any inconvinience but I really could do with a bit of a break.

Normal posting duties will resume on Monday January 3rd.

All the shops will remain open for the duration of the holidays, and I will be responding to all enquiries on most days (except Christmas Day!!).  Thank you guys so much for your continued support for Titchables!

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