Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Seller Spotlight: Chocolate Cupcake

Seller Spotlight: Chocolatecupcake @ Etsy

* Tell me a little about yourself?
I'm Fiona, a 31yr old wife to a great husband and mother to a 14yr old boy and 3yr old little girl. We live with our one eyed cat, Rupert, in a little village about 20mins from Glasgow.

* What is your shop name and what do you sell?
Chocolatecupcake. I sell cute handmade felt and button embellishments, paper flowers, felt flowers and more. You'll just need to stop by and see for yourself :)

* What inspires you to create?
Lots of things! Nice fabric, gorgeous scrapbook papers, vintage ephemera, cute buttons. I also think there is nothing better that a beautiful sunny day to make you feel good and inspre new creations!

* What is your favourite item from your shop?
Hmm, I think it has to be this pin cushion....

* How and where do you promote your shop?
I try and visit forums when I can but it can be diffuclt finding the time. I also have a Twitter account which I have neglected for a while but I have promised myself I must Tweet at least once a week. My link is

* What do you find to be the biggest challenge of running your own shop?
Time! There never seems to be enough of it!! I have just over 2hrs every weekday morning to work on orders and new creations while my duaghter is at nursery. After that, any extra time I get is a bonus.

* What advice would you offer to new sellers?
Have confidence in what you do.
Be positive...a lull in sales is a great time to create new goodies!
Don't give up, opening a shop isn't going to make you millions straight away, you've got to work at it!

Fun Questions -
* Favourite Colour? Blue
* Favourite Book? Hmm, that's hard becuase I love so many books! Ok, my favourite recent book is Making Your Mind Up by Jill Mansell
* Favourite Music? I love Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra
* Favourite Season? Winter, it's an excuse to get cosy, watch a movie and eat junk.
* Favourite independant sellers? Booksbyjme, StrawberriesandCream and Mqsquare.


I am looking for sellers to be featured throughout the month of May! If you are interested in answering a few questions, please send me an email: titchables(at)gmail(dot)com!


DayzeeLove said...

Hey Fiona, Good advice about making the most to the lull to make new things. Sometimes there just isn't the time! :)

Lovely seller spotlight Sarah! :D

artangel said...

Great interview, and Fiona has such a lovely shop! :)