Thursday, 10 March 2011

New Mini Bear Plush!

Introducing my brand new mini plush! I'm so excited about these and I love how they came out. I've been wanting to do some mini plush for ages and I finally drew a sketch which I thought would lend itself quite nicely to be tiny and cute. I have made them in 5 lovely pastel colours and they've got a lot of nice detail on them. You would think with something this small, they would be quicker to make, but they ended up taking a lot longer than I thought!

Look! They even fit in the palm of your hand! They only measure 3.5"

So they are a perfect companion for your Blythe doll, or just for simply displaying (or giving as a gift or....)!

You can buy all 5 colours now at and I am adding them to the etsy shop over the coming days (Blue and Peach currently available!)

Regarding the etsy shop - I have now converted all prices into pounds. I've umm-ed and ahh-ed about this for a while but it is the easier option for me when doing all my monthly sums. It can be quite time consuming to have to convert the dollars into pounds, and now that problem is gone. If you have set your local currency on etsy, then this will not affect anything and you will still see the prices in that currency!

And even more news! I have ordered in a few new bits and bobs - deco tapes mostly and some new embellishments which should be arriving soon. The deco tapes do really well when I have them in stock, but this new stock will be completely different. They are really cute and I'm sure you'll love them!


Dotty said...

So sweet and yes you are right that small things dont neccesarily take less time to make!

DaniDannyDanielle said...

Too cute!

Danielle from

the perfect pear said...

arent those bears just adorable! :) too cute