Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Deco Tapes!

Really excited about today's shop update! I finally decided to source some more deco tapes, and these are a bit different from the last lot I stocked. This time they will be sold in packs of 3. They are 10mm wide and get this: each have 8 metres of cuteness!!

I am selling the packs for £2.50 and they are all available on the online shop now!

The pack you see here is very limited edition. I could only get 2 lots. :( So if you want one, grab it now!

I've also added a brand new button bag, again only on the online shop for now. Some bright colourful stars! They come in packs of 30 and you can check those out by heading to the Plain Buttons section and scrolling to the bottom.

Don't forget, any handmade sales this week and I will donate 50% of the sale to the Red Cross relief fund for Japan. I will also be doubling any money I can donate from sales, so keep them coming.

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