Tuesday, 1 March 2011


It just occured to me that I never posted my pictures from my trip to Copenhagen last month! It was such a wonderful time and I'm so grateful that I got to spend some time with my friends.

The Little Mermaid statue.

This was outside the royal palace and they were changing the guard. We managed to time it to see the full ceremony with the band and everything!

Copenhagen Library.

It was such a pretty day. Such a lovely picture too, I love capturing reflections in water.

Wonky house. I love seeing these in the midst of more modern buildings.

This was the outside of the museum. Really lovely place to visit!

This was taken on top of the Round Tower. Superb views of Copenhagen and it was a lovely bright day too!

Inside the church of the Round Tower. Very grand.

Probably my favourite picture of the trip. This was just taken using the film strip setting on my camera. I love using that to capture the shadows in buildings.

I obviously took a lot more, but these are my favourites! I will do another post sometime this week showing you some of the food we ate!

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Looks lovely!