Saturday, 31 July 2010

Seller Spotlight: Friendly Creationss

Something a bit different for you this week, super cute store Friendly Creationss makes yummy looking candy, chocolates and cake. Check out our interview with store owner, Amanda!

Seller Spotlight: Friendly Creationss

* Tell me a little about yourself? Hi my name is Amanda ,and I come from a little town in Rhode Island where not much happens ,so you have to make your own fun.I was born in Rhode Island but am destined to be famous in the likes of New York or Cali.I am a free spirit who does what she wants but takes care of everyone around her.

* What is your shop name and what do you sell? my shop name is FriendlyCreationss , where we make yummy treats of everyones needs and occasions.We make goodies for vegans,vegetarians,meat eaters,gluten free, and sugar free customers.Besides the fact that we offer an array of ways to order your goodies to your conditions ,we make every piece unique and special like you will not see any where else.For example, we take our oreo pops and make them look like a slice of pizza or a hamburger or take materials and make edible sushi candy.What is better than fun and yummy treats !

* What inspires you to create? Everything inspires me when creating new goodies,I am up for the challenge for any customer to throw at me.I will try my best to make their wishes come true.I like to look at an ingredient or object and figure out a way to make it yummy and edible.One day ,I seen a picture of a French Paris painting with a lipstick kiss on it and got inspired to make edible lipstick kiss on our cookie.

* What is your favourite item from your shop? my favorite item for sure is our oreo pops and sushi candy.It is our most unique.

* How and where do you promote your shop? I promote everywhere I can,I talk to local businesses,party company's,wedding businesses,friends,families and post a lot online to others. A few sites I promote on is,,,

* What do you find to be the biggest challenge of running your own shop? the biggest challenge I believe is promoting yourself and getting customers to come steadily .There are some days there could not be one person and another there will be 10.

* What advice would you offer to new sellers? Do not give up and think you can not do it ,hard work pays off at the end and will come to you if you believe in what your business is in all aspects of life.

Fun Questions -
* Favourite Colour? my favorite is definitely pink! all shades of pink, my bedroom used to be pink last year and i regret it everyday that i painted over it.Pink makes everyone happy and cheerful!
* Favourite Book? it may sound silly but my favorite books are the dr.seus books! No matter how old you are , they will make you smile and giggle no matter what time of the day it is.
* Favourite Music? You may laugh but my favorite music is Broadway Musicals and Hip Hop. I will sing my heart out to Wicked or Mama Mia and then I will rap my butt off to Eminem and Lil Wayne. I am one of the most unique people you will meet,thats where my creativity comes from.
* Favourite Season? I would definitely say Summer! First off my birthday is in June so I am a Summer baby. and I am a big beach person and Rhode Island has some of the nicest beaches and I get to wear dresses and flip flops which is amazing to me.
* Favourite independant sellers? a few of my favorite sellers are; Wishwithme, diffractionfiber, fizzyartist, parischicboutique.


Thank you Amanda for taking part! If you are an independant seller and would like to be featured, please get in touch via my email: titchables(at)gmail(dot)com!

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Amanda a.k.a. FriendlyCreationss said...

awwwww thank u so much for featuring me,it came out great :)
and your blog is just as wonderful!!!!!