Tuesday, 1 February 2011

You scream for ice cream!

I've had doodles of ice cream in my sketch pad for quite some time, since at least the end of last summer. As it was a bit late in the season to make any, I put them on hold. Granted, it still isn't quite the season for ice cream goodness but I was desperate to make something cute and fun and these fit the bill!

Chocolate, Strawberry and Mint ice cream brooches. Aren't they cute?? I'm so glad to have found another project to use my teeny tiny pom poms on!

All available at the etsy shop now!


Dotty said...

Wondreful- you have made me look forward to Summer! They look good enough to eat:)

alexandra s.m. said...

I saw them on FLICKR and had to come and visit you here!