Saturday, 26 February 2011

Felt Shade Cards

After selling a few of these recently I thought I better make some more. These are a great way of seeing all the colours of felt I stock in person, and a great reference guide if, like me, you craft with felt and need to see what a colour looks like exactly before purchasing! You can purchase these shade cards at for the very excellent price of £1!

I did these while I had a quiet moment at work, which happens a lot when you work in a little shop which is tucked away. Speaking of work, this week I recently took on a more permanent role as someone else left so it does mean that my time is slightly more restricted. Luckily working where I do, it allows a lot of freedom for me to sew and other such business stuff (as long as it doesn't require the internet!) so I'm still being really productive - probably more so without the distractions of the web!

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