Friday, 26 November 2010

Some Christmas Makes

As I completed a lot of Christmas back stock early (I highly recommend this!) it has given me a super opportunity to work on a few bits for myself. Along with sewing, I also love crocheting and have really gotten into it in the last year. Last Christmas, I purchased the Nov/Dec edition of Crochet Today in the hopes of making a few bits in it but never got around to doing so. This year, however, I pulled out the magazine and decided on two I really wanted to do.

Gingerbread House - I've done the front, back and one side so far. Still lots to do but I can't wait to see this finished! So cute!

Tree Skirt. I'm doing mine in different colours - blue, pink, white and sparkly blue. It's coming along nicely and it's going to look fab under my white tree this year (which uh, I have already put up!).

Do you have any plans to make anything for yourself this Christmas?

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Dotty said...

Those are so gorgeous- the gingerbread house is so cute. I've only just begun to learn to crochet so want to spend some time practising, but also want to knit some socks with toes in!x

Anonymous said...

hey! I'm in the mood for holiday knits/crochet, but I haven't wuite decided what to make yet. Your tree skirt sounds super-cute! I found a bag of red & green yarn in the closet which is destined to become something christmassy... xo