Monday, 7 June 2010

Shire Horse Centre

Last week my 5 year old step-cousin and her mum came to stay with us and last Thursday we went to the Shire Horse Centre which is in West Runton, near where I live. I will admit right now that horses do actually scare me quite a lot, but the horses we did see were all in their paddock's and I did pluck up the courage to pet a few of them (they were very docile and sleepy on our visit!).

As well as horses the centre is also home to llama's, alpaca's (my favs!), sheep, pigs, bunnies, goats, a whole host of birds, cows, etc etc. I had a great time and I have no shame in admitting I turned into a 5 year old myself walking around.

Sleepy horse!

This sheep really made us giggle. It looked like it had had a really good night on the town!

Alpaca! I love these! They're so odd looking, but cute in their own way and so fluffy!

I can assure you it is not dead. All the animals were very sleepy, I think it was probably the heat!

Bunny cuddle!

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