Monday, 18 April 2011

Show & Tell!

Today I want to show off a few things my lovely customers have made with their purchases from Titchables. I really love seeing the end result of something and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction knowing that someone is creating something with my products.

venus-in-tweeds used my blue skull buttons to finish off this delightful cardigan.

JupeyCat made this rather lovely heart ornament using my felt and buttons.

And DottyBlueBird made these very excellent Russian dolls using my felt. Aren't they fab??!!

If you have made anything with Titchables products and would like to be featured in a future show and tell post, please send me an email (titchables(at)gmail(dot)com) with a picture and what you used. Or you can of course use the convo function over at etsy if that is easier. :D

Looking forward to seeing your creations!!

1 comment:

Dotty said...

Sorry I'm commenting a bit late- I've been away. thank you for featuring my Russian dolls- the felt is lovely to use. Nice to see what other people have used your supplies for too:)